Monthly Archives: February 2014

Want to Stand Out in a High Tech Business World? Go Old School!

image (4)With the world moving faster and new toys and technologies making communication easier and less personal every day, how can you stand out in business today?  How can you let a client, associate or prospect know you are truly interested in them and not just sending them another impersonal email?

My advice: Don’t do what everyone else does. Don’t post another note on Facebook or send out a Tweet. Try something different that will stand out because it’s not fast, it’s not techy and it’s totally personal.  A handwritten note sent through the mail gets noticed because it takes time, effort and planning.

Note writing has become a lost art. Think about it. When was the last time you received a note in the mail when it wasn’t your birthday or a holiday? Or when was the last time you received a thank you note for a job well done. It has probably been a while. Just ask the U.S. Post Office.

When I was a child, I learned from my parents the power of a nicely written note to family and friends. Thank you notes were always done without delay. A note to simply let someone know I was thinking about them was always extra special.

This is still true today. A handwritten note says, “I appreciate you” in ways Facebook, Twitter or an email could never do. Try it. You’ll be surprised by the reaction you receive. An email is quickly forgotten and deleted out of your inbox. A note, is noticed.