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True –ly Thankful

The older I get the more I appreciate and realize how much I love Thanksgiving Day and the holiday season that follows. It’s not about the physical gifts we give and receive on Christmas and Hanukkah. It’s about the gifts that people give of themselves, their skills, their time and their experience every day.

Personally, giving is very important to me. A kind word, a helping hand and yes, financial support can make all of the difference. It is also part of our culture at True Digital Communications. It’s how we work together and with our clients. It’s also why one of our core areas of expertise is working with not-for-profits. We help them embrace and understand digital communications so they can be successful in supporting their missions. We celebrate in their success too.

I have so much to be thankful for when I look at our team and the success we have enjoyed over the past 12 months and the previous five years. I firmly believe success doesn’t happen by accident and that you often create your own luck. I am very thankful to be surrounded by a team of talented, like-minded individuals who make me a better person and leader every day. I couldn’t do it without them.

Rarely are you lucky enough to work with a great team. It is even rarer to work with a partnership of people found all over the world. I am very thankful for our bigger team of partners in the Worldcom Public Relations Group. This partnership of 143 independent agencies, in 115 cities with more than 2,000 communications professionals working around the world is a big part of our success today and tomorrow. Through Worldcom, we help our clients and support them with services and intelligence we wouldn’t have otherwise. In return, we get to work with topnotch individuals who love what they do as much as we do. I don’t know of another business organization where everyone is so willing to pitch in and help one another or as appreciative for the help we give each other.

My goal for today and to every one who reads my thoughts is to make every day Thanksgiving. Be thankful for what you have. Be thankful for the friends and family in your life. It’s these relationships that truly define who you are and if you’re truly lucky, they will be just as thankful for you and you are for them.




The Season of Giving

Lifebanc_8k8days_FINAL29November is here and so is the season of giving! And with so many wonderful organizations to choose from,  it’s hard to pick where your charitable dollars should go.

This year, the True team has had the pleasure to help one of our clients, Lifebanc, with their year-end campaign. Lifebanc is located right in Northeast Ohio, only several minutes from our office to be exact, and is the non-profit responsible for raising awareness for organ, eye and tissue donation. We feel so grateful to work with a client where we get to help make a difference in the community we live and work!

Last year alone, Lifebanc saved and healed more than 9,372 lives and provided grief support services to 1,374 families in NEO who experienced the loss of a loved one.  Lifebanc also facilitates approximately 589 correspondences between donor families and recipients each year, which offers many amazing stories! Not to mention that Lifebanc staff and volunteers educate nearly 100,000 students and adults each year to help them make an informed decision when asked if they would like to be an organ donor.

Right now, we are halfway through the $8K in 8 Days campaign we created for Lifebanc. With multiple videos and branded graphics to compliment our social posts, we are hoping to receive $8,000 to help Lifebanc continue to serve the community in the best way possible.

So, no matter which organization you decide to donate your money to this year, know that you too can make a difference with even the smallest amount!

Click here to find out more about Lifebanc and the $8K in 8 Days campaign!

Google Adwords Features Make Ads A Bit More Personal

serppages2 copy

The search and display advertising landscape is evolving. Simply connecting users to ads with keywords is a start. But as you learn more about your audience, the search landscape becomes more valuable. Google knows this too. Beyond the Swiss-army knife of tools already available in Adwords, there are a few new features to better connect segments of your audience to your message.

Customer Match

Your current customers and leads are often your most valuable assets as a marketer. Google’s customer match is devoted to helping you leverage those groups.

Advertisers can now display ads to Gmail users viewing sites within the Google Display Network (GDN). Facebook’s similar Custom Audience feature has been around for a while now, but Google’s new version comes with a few advantages and limitations compared to the social giant’s offering:


  • You need a big list. Google won’t display ads until you have 100 Gmail users. Even then, once you start applying other targeting (demographics, placements, interests – see benefit below) and factor in click-through rate, your audience can shrink quickly.
  • Google Display Network is big, but it’s not everything. Google claims it covers 90 percent of Internet users, but that doesn’t mean every site they use. So if you want to display on a specific domain, do your homework first.


  • You can reach 90 percent of Internet users! Maybe Facebook isn’t the best way to reach your audience. Maybe you can’t connect ads to a Facebook page to utilize the newsfeed. Customer Match ads won’t cover the whole Internet, but they extend beyond the confines of social media. Think trade media, medical industry, manufacturing. These subjects can be tough to address on social. GDN give much more flexibility in creating relevancy.
  • Similar to Facebook, you can combine your emails with a whole host of other targeting parameters. These parameters aren’t necessarily better than Facebook’s, just different. For example, on Facebook you know a user is interested in a topic, but on GDN you can combine that information with placement management that keeps your ads on highly relevant pages when you’re top of mind.

Remarketing for Search and Shopping

Remarketing for search has been around for a while, but remarketing for shopping users recently came out of Adwords beta test. These search-based tools are a silver-bullet if you understand your audience.

Marketing funnel insight

Users search multiple terms in multiple sessions over a long or short span of time. We’ve always known consistent visibility across the process is important, but we never had much ability to control it on an individual basis.

Full creative control

With search and shopping remarketing, we can apply the same marketing funnel rules from traditional remarketing. A user who added items to a cart should see different ads than a user who only viewed a features page. But there’s one additional layer of control that’s always escaped traditional remarketing: keyword control. With full insight into searcher intent, we call pull individuals through the marketing funnel in a couple new ways:

  • Review-based searches – Connect individuals with pages devoted to customer reviews when they want testimonials.
  • Comparative searches – When users are evaluating your solution against competitors, connect them to a side-by-side comparison. A lot of users will still look for a third-party opinion, but you can remain a part of the conversion.
  • Focus on margin – Specifically for shopping ads, we can now be picky about the users and products that use ad budget. Products with lower margins might receive less remarketing dollars so you can focus on areas with more potential.