Media Relations & Training

As a digital company, True is constantly staying on top of new and exciting marketing trends. But that’s not to say that we ignore traditional media. Media relations and media training are an effective piece of the marketing puzzle that works in conjunction with the digital side.

Public Relations Planning

Strategic planning is the backbone of a media relations program. True uses the basic public relations skills and thought processes that have been successful for decades to direct clients on these efforts. We start with a task in mind and plan out the objectives, strategies and tactics that will get the desired results. We use digital tactics mixed with traditional public relations tactics to reach a brand’s key audiences.

Media Relations and Media Relations Training

A huge part of public relations is creating relationships with those influencers in your industry. True works with clients to create relationships with industry media through creating stories that resonate with the audience. Through creating contributed articles, interview opportunities and editorial outreach, True gets a client’s name in the news by creating helpful, informational news, not just noise.

Trade Show Planning

An important part of any public relations plan is face-to-face conversation and interaction with your audience. True helps from booking space, to designing intuitive booths to planning in-booth activities. Using an initial public relations plan, True determines key messaging and key audiences that should be reached at international, national or regional trade shows or events.