Sean Williams

Sean Williams is the owner of Communication AMMO, Inc., and a managing consultant for True Digital Communications. Focusing on research-based, strategic counsel and execution, Sean co-leads True’s Education practice, including assignments for Adelphi University, Western Reserve Academy, University Liggett School, Colorado Rocky Mountain School, St. Anne’s Episcopal School, Excelsior University, and Kent State University.

Much of his current work centers on integrated communication planning (the AMMO model), creative leadership, executive coaching, and facilitating. Williams specializes in helping executives and other leaders communicate effectively, covering message mapping and development and on-stage and video performance. He also provides managerial communication training through the landmark Face2Face Communication Learning Program. He has trained more than 6,000 managers on communication skills.

He’s a big baseball and hockey fan (Cleveland and Pittsburgh, please!) and tortures the unsuspecting with guitar, piano and vocal stylings.