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Tyler Norris Earns Google Analytics Individual Qualification

CLEVELAND, November 15, 2012 – True Digital Communications is pleased to announce that associate Tyler Norris has earned his Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification.

This certification distinguishes those who have exceeded Google’s standards and taken the initiative to go beyond a basic knowledge of the Google Analytics tool and validates a persons understanding and interpretation of results and what those results mean for clients.

Norris started using Google Analytics a year and a half ago learning the basics.

“At True, every program begins with analytics and measurement,” Norris said. “It is at the core of what we do and provides the knowledge and insights necessary for our clients. It’s a big part of our success and our clients’ success. Receiving this certification was very important to me professionally and for our team.”

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification test consists of 70 in-depth questions related to advanced Google Analytics features. It must be completed in 90 minutes or less. Norris passed on his first try with a 94 percent.

“It’s been a personal and a professional goal of mine that I’ve wanted to accomplish,” Norris said. “I’ve always thought I had a pretty good knowledge of the Google Analytics tool, and the certification validates that.”

Chris Baldwin, Principal of True Digital Communications, explained that Google Analytics is a service True Digital Communications provides for most of its clients. Baldwin said he believes a deep knowledge of how to create optimized content backed by a firm understanding of digital analytics are the keys to being a successful digital marketer.

“With Google Analytics, we know without a shadow of a doubt that what we are recommending to our clients is correct because the information tells us so.” Baldwin said. “It takes a certain skill set to understand the facets of this tool and I’m very proud of Tyler for putting the extra time and effort into obtaining this certification. The recommendations we are providing and the tools we are creating are a direct result of a deep appreciation for and understanding of Google analytics.”


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