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Engaged employee

Employee Engagement for the Win: How HR Professionals Can Tackle 2018’s Most Pressing Challenges

Human resource professionals are struggling to recruit and engage employees in 2018. Learn specific solutions to find and retain top talent here.

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Why isn't our site on the first page of Google?

Tips for Quick SEO Wins to Improve Your Site’s Rankings

We guide you through on-site and off-site factors that influence your site’s rankings and what changes you can make to see results.

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How Marketers Can Benefit from GDPR

How to Leverage GDPR to Maximize Marketing Efforts

As companies become GDPR compliant, marketers don’t have to be afraid. Read about ways you can benefit from the new legislation.

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Countries in the European Union

GDPR is Here: How True is Preparing for the Legislation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect May 25, 2018. Learn some of the steps True Digital has taken to work towards compliance.

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Mobile-First Index Update from Google – 5 Tips for Website Success

More than 50% of internet usage is now performed on mobile devices, prompting Google to take another look at how sites are indexed. Check out True’s tips to keep your site’s SEO strategy performing well amid recent algorithm changes.

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