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Top Ten Ways to Identify if You’re Today’s Digital Marketer


Do you love digital communications? Has your spouse, significant other, life partner, family, mom or dad asked you to stop boring the neighbors with stories about SEO, content ladders, PPC, analytics, tweets or your latest blog post? Do you brag about the size of your Klout score? If so, read through our list of Top Ten Traits of a Digital Marketer to see if we describe you.

  1. Do you have an opinion?  Social media is just that–social.  Do you watch conversations online and actively engage in discussions via Twitter, Linkedin, blogs and forums?  Being a part of the social media strategy and conversation is key.
  2. Do you like geometric shapes (i.e. the digital marketing funnel)? We’ve left the information age and entered the attention economy.  Digital marketers need to understand how to be relevant with content and services utilizing a variety of inbound marketing strategies and tactics.
  3. Can you communicate in 140 characters or less? More importantly, do you love the written word?  From PPC to blogs, content is important, but optimized content produces results.
  4. Do you get a tear of joy every time you see a spreadsheet? One of the most important roles digital marketers play is understanding what the success metrics are and how to find them in Google Analytics, SEM reports and website search engine rankings. Basically, you need love data.
  5. Do you like to talk… a lot? Digital marketing strategy is built on communications and the strongest relationships with clients, media, business partners and peers is built on face-to-face discussion. If you just communicate through emails, texts and blogs, you’re missing out. Remember what we said about being social.
  6. Are you a lifelong student? We are all teachers and students because digital marketing strategy is continuously evolving and we all must be constantly learning. If you’re an old dog who isn’t learning a new trick every day, stick to a traditional agency.
  7. Do you embrace change and new technology?  Change is constant and rarely is the market leader the same every year.  That’s what makes Facebook and Google so amazing. They continue to be dominant in an industry where technology and competitors change daily.  We all must be looking for the next big emerging technological breakthrough… or at least the next big thing this month.
  8. Do you like to lead?  The digital marketing space is bold and exciting and no place for the timid. Brands and companies are looking for ways to connect in ways not done before and leaders to take them there.  If you’re not willing to be bold and take some risks, digital marketing isn’t for you. Remember, you learn a lot more from failure than success.
  9. Do you stay calm under pressure? In today’s face paced digital world, digital marketers have to juggle the needs and wants of each client. This may seem like a delicate balancing act, but with the right tools, you can easily calm the storm.
  10. Do you know your Klout score? The knowledge of wealth you share online will influence others now more than ever. Since 2008, the content you share online is measured on a scale from 1-100 in terms of influence. What’s your number?

The traditional public relations and marketing skill sets have changed dramatically over the last five years, but one thing’s for sure: Digital marketing is here to stay.  If you answered yes to several questions on this list, digital marketing may not be for you, however; if you answered yes to more than eight, you should probably contact us.

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