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What’s Your Social Capital?

Repmanagment management in social mediaFrom Facebook statuses to hash tags to Pinterest boards, we have become consumed with posting every event that happens in our lives onto social media outlets. But could there be consequences for sharing too much information?

It may happen sooner than you think.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the age of online reputation is upon us. Several companies, including Twitalyzer, PeerIndex and PostRank, are already applying online analytics on individuals and businesses, quantifying “social capital.” (AKA- Online Influence)

The New Credit Score
Similar to a credit score, showing the creditworthiness a person possesses, a new numerical score may be affecting your reputation: your online reputation.

This new score will more than likely be used to make decisions relating to jobs, internships and even loans. But thanks to, the first-ever online reputation management company, monitoring what people say about you online is easier than ever. So whether you’re a college student or the CEO of a company, this service will alert you when there are damaging posts about you and can even delete unwanted negative mentions for a fee.

Resumes No More
The idea of online reputation management could come into play very soon, since companies are now relying on job candidates’ social media sites to gauge their suitability for a particular position. Jobs that once required a resume, may now ask for a snapshot of your Twitter feed, Facebook, personal blog and LinkedIn profile.

With online reputation management on the horizon, it’s important to understand what social circle you may or may not want to be associated with. As this new trend makes its way into the spotlight, it’s also critical to know how to present yourself in a respectable way online while still allowing your personality to show through. Yes, it’s the “digital age,” but there’s eventually a line you cannot cross when it comes to content.; especially if it could cost you your next job.

So the next time you tweet, post or pin your life on the World Wide Web, think of the consequences it could have on your future, or invest in a membership to!