Monthly Archives: April 2012

22 Simple Media Interview Do’s and Don’ts: Part 1

Media interviews more often than not are an opportunity, but only once you’ve fully prepared. When speaking with a member of the media you need to be “on” – engaged and ready to address their questions while still incorporating your own key messages. Whether it’s your company, your product or

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A Brief (visual) Guide to Facebook Insights

A lot of marketers disagree on which Facebook Insights are important.  But isn’t it important to understand what the numbers mean before deciding how to evaluate a campaign? Different campaigns require different metrics. Even an extremely broad metric like impressions can have relevance for paid ad campaigns.   The infographic

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If March Madness was a Social Media Tournament…

I’m sure the following question has crossed your mind a thousand times this basketball season: if March Madness was a social media competition, who would win? OK, maybe that isn’t the first question that comes to mind (maybe the second), but just take a minute and think about it.  

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