Monthly Archives: August 2015

The CMW Food and Drink Guide to Cleveland

If you’re anything like me, the first step in planning a trip is deciding where to eat. So if you haven’t already developed your Content Marketing World eating agenda, you’re already behind schedule. But it’s ok. I’m here to help. When Cleveland started to shake off its worn-out rest belt

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Google Trends: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

  I’m often asked by other communications friends what digital marketing tools I’d recommend for them. It’s a fair question. I do work for a very good digital marketing firm. Shameless plug I know. And we do use some really cool tools every day. Some are free and others are

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5 Easy Ways To Tackle Your Inbox

Does your email inbox make you want to pull your hair out? Does it immediately cause you anxiety when you log on in the morning?  (Maybe avoiding it at all costs, for that matter!)  Or do you find yourself constantly checking your inbox when you get a notification of a

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