Monthly Archives: June 2017

Integrating Communications with the Three C’s: Part 1

There’s substantial scholarship in the area of integrated communications, both against it and for it. The thrust of the argument is whether all communication functions are aiming toward an eventual marketing outcome — driving sales. I’ve frequently said that all marketing is communication but not all communication is marketing, but

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3 Ways to Stay Productive at Work This Summer

Warm weather is finally here and with that comes all the joys of summer: BBQ’s, swimming, vacations, late sunsets, baseball games – you name it! But one thing that tends to creep up during this time is a lack of productivity at work. And can we blame you? Absolutely not.

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What’s New in AdWords Search Advertising (SEM): Volume 1

As digital marketers, we know so well that Google likes to keep us on our feet with frequent updates to their AdWords platform. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on how vigilant you are when managing accounts. As a glass half full type of guy, I like

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