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What people want to improve about communication

According to research, people want to get better at communication. Communication is at the heart of effective leadership, the key to effective participation and contributing, and the key to boosting performance.

Our own research asked trainees in our Face2Face Communication program what things they most wanted to improve for themselves. Here are the top five items, plus our observations on each.

  • Conciseness: People say they want to be succinct, focused and brief in their communication. They say they need help learning how to give the right amount of detail, and they want to be more efficient.
  • Listening: Managers, especially, report that learning to stop talking and really hear others is an essential skill. A majority of our respondents say that multitasking leads to poor listening, and they need help changing.
  • Understanding: Clarity, accuracy and buy-in, among both managers and non-managers, needs improvement, they say. They want to increase their own insightfulness and share information that creates understanding.
  • Openness: Organizations are too frequently a one-way street when it comes to communication. From top to bottom.  They want their organizations to feature a climate of openness, a free flow of information up, down and across the firm. Why? To make sure the best solutions to their business issues come to the fore, and to create a culture of participation and engagement.
  • Effectiveness: People want to get things done right. They want to support and drive change, not feel like they are a victim of it. With the pace and volume of change constantly increasing, they want to stop feeling helpless, to work together instead of against the current.

Do these ring true for your organization? Our Face2Face Communication program provides a set of concrete tools to enable communication improvement that drives enhancements in your culture. And makes your people more effective communicators. Three simple tools and three ways to use them help everyone communicate better. Find out how a county government administration improved, and how an engineering company helped rebuild trust following a merger.