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Meet True’s New Digital Marketing Lead

True's Digital Marketing Practice Lead

True’s team of digital experts is growing with the exciting addition of Will Reed as Digital Marketing Practice Lead!

A seasoned digital pro, Will brings more than 10 years of expertise in conversion optimization, programmatic advertising, SEO/PPC program management, strategic website creation and content marketing. What makes Will unique is his true love for the work he does. He is fascinated with uncovering the “why” behind the buy and spends most of his free time consuming marketing podcasts and books.

His experience working with both startups and international brands has given Will the opportunity to spearhead digital marketing programs and push traditional marketing boundaries. Even though he is regarded as an industry thought leader with experience presenting at national conferences like Content Marketing World, Will continually learns new perspectives from his peers and evolves his approach to marketing.

Get to know more about Will:


When not hanging out with my wife and daughter, my go-to sport is golf – I enjoy both playing and watching. I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts when commuting and working out. I’d really like to help a brand launch their own podcast because it’s a relatively cheap way to build thought leadership and provide valuable content.

Three Quick Facts:

  1.  Film has always been a passion of mine. I started my career in film and worked on sets for Spiderman 3, Superman Returns, Ghost Rider, Click and King of Queens.
  2. I’m actually a British citizen. I was born in London and spent some time in America when I was a child. At 18, I chose to attend college in America at Miami University and have worked in the U.S. since.
  3.  London and Ohio aren’t the only places I’ve lived – I’ve also lived in New York City, Los Angeles and Minnesota.

Favorite Snack:

After a very long and heated debate over what counts as a “snack,” I’d say my top favorite is Oreos and milk. Chips and queso dip come as a close second though…

Welcome to the team Will!