Case Studies

A New Product Video without a Product

True Digital Communications created a promotional video on DAP Products Inc. new insulating foam The challenged that was faced was that the product did not exist yet. True created animations and drawings of the product instead of live product demos and the drawings strategically related to the products features and benefits. The video was launched and audiences had easy access to the product before it even began.

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The Challenge

DAP Products Inc., is a leader in sealants, adhesives and insulating foam products. So it was no surprise when the company developed a new insulating foam unlike anything else on the market. The challenge arose when True Digital Communications was asked to create a promotional video to build excitement before DRAFTSTOP 812 Stop ‘n’ Store foam launched. The problem? The product didn’t exist yet. It was still in production and no cans were available for filming.

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True's Role

With no product images to use, True strategically created a script that involved animations and drawings, instead of live product demos. Using whiteboard-style animation, True developed a series of examples and analogies accompanied by drawings that strategically relate to product features and benefits.

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True wrote the script, developed a storyboard and coordinated production of a video that went live on DAP’s YouTube channel before the product launched. Within a couple weeks, the video was complete. Sales people and contractors had easy access to the story of DAP Draftstop 812 Stop ‘n’ Store foam before it even began.