Case Studies

Digital Marketing Designed To Induce Trial

Boral TruExterior had a unique opportunity to capitalize on contractors searching for alternatives siding products, but struggled to reach them. With True’s help, tailored ad copy and structured landing pages were created based solely on how contractors search.

new product

The Challenge

Boral seized an opportunity in the siding and trim market with an easy-to-install product designed to perform better than any other product available. They knew contractors were searching Google for new, alternative siding products, but they had trouble tapping into the audience.

1,000+ keywords analyzed

True's Role

True developed long-tail keywords, tailored ad copy and structured landing pages based on contractor research. More importantly, the program targeted the trade audience while removing homeowners, who typically search for aspirational design ideas. To gauge accuracy, True implemented an acquisition point to ensure contractors moved through the site and displayed an interest in purchasing the product.

15% acquisition rate

The Results

Through methodical a/b testing of everything from keyword use to landing page optimizations, True not only developed a campaign that drove new quality leads, but continued to improve monthly cost per acquisitions and lead rate quality throughout the campaign to date. Roughly 15 percent of all monthly ad clicks result in a user showing some intent to purchase.