Case Studies

Effective Communication Training for an Engineering Company

Training improves in-person communications, conference call effectiveness and email communications.

aligning a newly merged workforce

The Challenge

An engineering company wanted to more closely knit together their team across geographies. They wanted to create an environment rich in dialogue and discussion, where issues and problems could be brought forward in the spirit of openness and positivity. Where constructive criticism and innovation could flourish — and where a new, exciting company could emerge from the legacy of two great ones.

tools for all employees

True's Role

True taught the CEO, the President and six other executives how to teach all employees the 4 P’s (how to communicate); CORE (what to communicate), and HEAR (how to listen). This train-the-trainer engagement included how to use the tools in three ways: to disseminate information, to engage others in discussion and to promote positive upward discussion to make communication more effective. The program asks the trainers to first go through the training session as participants, then rehearse teaching the tools and facilitating practice issues.

new communication environment

The Results

The company plans to train its 130 employees across several offices in two states, but has begun using the tools to improve in-person meetings, conference calls and the quality of email and other communications immediately. Of particular importance is the use of the tools to draw out resistance. In merged companies, the “way we used to do things” can be a brake on productivity, innovation and employee satisfaction. Change management will benefit greatly from the use of the tools.