Case Studies

Independent School Seeks Help for a Different Need

True Digital Communications helped an independent pre-k through 12 school create ways to increase diversity in its families and faculty. With an outdated website and no plan for communications, True helped the team create a fully integrated communications plan.

No plan

The Challenge

An independent pre-k through 12 school, located is the western U.S., needed to increase the diversity of its families and faculty. The school also had an outdated website in terms of both systems and content, making it difficult to use modern methods to attract prospective families. Lastly, there was no formal plan for communications and objectives were not clear or strategic. Advertising and direct marketing activities were not sufficiently targeted.

New fully integrated communication plan

True's Role

Starting with thorough research, True reviewed the school and its competitors, held stakeholder discussions and completed a media review. From there, a planning session with the key school faculty members was held to create a fully integrated communication plan. After the discussion, a more robust plan was provided and the school refreshed their website to focus on content marketing and enhanced its social media channels to grow the following. The school also improved its social media advertising and targeting and updated its messaging for ongoing direct mail campaigns.

More Strategic Thinking

The Results

While a full year’s data is not available yet, the robust and comprehensive strategy that involves all stakeholders increases the likelihood of success. By changing the school’s way of thinking, a more strategic outcome is guaranteed.