Case Studies

Optimized Mobile-Friendly Newsletter Drives Website Traffic

Fypon, a leading polyurethane building product designer, was frustrated by the lackluster performance of their existing email marketing efforts. Although their newsletter included relevant, informative content for their key audiences, the newsletter eared poor open and click rates. They brought in True to boost their email marketing a boost.

outdated newsletter design

The Challenge

True identified the source of the lackluster newsletter performance. The existing email newsletter had an outdated design that lacked mobile-friendly formatting, using a dual-column design and text-heavy content. While the newsletter linked to valuable content like product information and resources, all content was formatted as PDFs – driving people away from their website and weakening their website’s SEO.

optimize for mobile & conversion

True's Solution

True updated the newsletter format to be more compatible with mobile users using a single-column scroll design and reduced text. Additionally, True used targeted keywords in copy for headlines and descriptions to foster click-through to the website. The newsletter linked to relevant and valuable content from the newly created blog rather than PDFs to drive traffic to Fypon’s website.

172% increase in traffic

The Results

  • 67% increase in newsletter click-through rate in the first year
  • 172% increase in website sessions originating from email
  • 84% increase in new website users trafficked through email