Case Studies

Promoting An Expanded Product Line Through Blogger Relations

Bestway Corporation manufactures a line of inexpensive backyard water slides and inflatable pools that are sold through a handful of brick and mortar chains as well as online retailers. They initially approached True Digital Communications for help with the introduction of their H2OGO! waterslide in 2015 and returned in 2016 for assistance in promoting an expanded product line.

raise awareness & drive sales

The Challenge

When the company approached True about introducing H2OGO!, they had no online presence beyond Facebook and no plans to develop a website, but needed a way to reach out to moms with children ages 5 to 12 to raise awareness and drive in-store sales. Faced with stiff competition from a well-established brand, Bestway needed to clearly communicate the unique features and benefits of the H2OGO! water slide in a very short period of time, as backyard play products have an extremely short seasonal sales cycle.

identify fun mommy bloggers

True's Role

True worked with a sponsored social content network to identify “fun” Mom bloggers – the Moms whose backyards are the ones all their kids’ friends want to hang out in – and provide them with  products to test, review and give away to their followers. In return, bloggers wrote about backyard activities using the products, promoted content on social media and shared photos of the products in use.

5.3 million impressions

The Results

In the first program year, bloggers produced 38 unique pieces of content that resulted in over 32,000 pageviews and shared that content with more than 1.1 million social media followers. True expanded the program in the second year, working with bloggers with larger online follow counts and providing a wider array of products for review. While there were fewer bloggers participating, their combined blog and social media reach generated more than 5.3 million impressions during a 4-week period that coincided with peak sales season for Bestway.