Case Studies

Reaching New Customers Through Search

Johnsonite is a leader in the specialty flooring industry with an integrated approach to interior space and a passion for showing clients how combining design with life-safety can enhance employee productivity and help companies attract, motivate and retain the best talent. The company’s website provides a wealth of information on their products, plus space-plannig tools, installation instructions and other technical content aimed at architects, designers, installers and maintenance personnel.

While site traffic was steady, analysis of traffic patterns and search behavior showed the majority traffic came from repeat visits. Search traffic was primarily made up of those already familiar with the Johnsonite brand and specific products, who searched for items by name or even specific color numbers. The site ranked well in organic search for these brand-specific terms but not for more general flooring keywords. In order to extend Johnsonite’s reach against well-known national brands, it was critical to increase visibility to searchers earlier in the decision process, before a brand or product had been identified.

True conducted extensive research to identify the terms searchers used to research flooring by type (like vinyl flooring or rubber flooring) flooring properties (like grease resistance or sound dampening) or flooring use (commercial kitchen, weight rooms, etc.) After reviewing current site traffic patterns and search activity and reviewing thousands of key phrases, True developed a comprehensive but manageable list of terms designed to target potential customers early in the research and consideration process for specialty commercial flooring. These terms were used to optimize the website’s content; search engine optimization also drove some fundamental changes to the site’s navigation, incorporating key terms into revised dropdown menu that ensured any one of the company’s 60+ products was accessible from a single click on any page on the site.

The site was optimized in mid-summer; in early fall, a Google Adwords program built around the same non-branded terms was also launched to further promote Within the first 90 days following optimization, the site’s visibility in organic search improved dramatically. Not only did site pages appear in higher positions for key non-branded search terms, but Johnsonite’s share of the results also increased with multiple site pages appearing in the top 30 results for a number of key terms. Visitor behavior on the site also shifted, with an increase in the number of first-time visitors to the site.

In all, True’s search engine research and optimization efforts resulted in:

  • A 79% increase in top 10 search engine rankings for non-branded keywords
  • A 102% increase in top 30 search engine rankings for non-branded keywords
  • A significant increase in overall site traffic
  • A 38% increase in visits from non-branded keywords
  • An increase in the number of site visitors who requested product samples or used the on-site distributor locator, key indicators of purchase intent