Case Studies

Using Social Media Engagement to Keep Brands Top-of-Mind

Blaklader workwear has no problems with brand recognition in Sweden, but in the United States, contractors and construction workers didn’t even know how to pronounce the name correctly. True Digital Communications implemented a highly targeted social media campaign to help.

new social media strategy

The Challenge

Sweden’s Blaklader workwear is a household name in Europe. But when the company brought its high-tech work pants and jackets to the U.S., contractors and construction workers couldn’t even pronounce the name. The Blaklader US Facebook page had roughly 100 likes when True was called in. True had to introduce the brand to more people – and make sure they remembered it. A social media engagement strategy was the answer.

strategic targeting of contractors & construction workers

True's Role

Blaklader US was already on the trade show circuit. The company learned quickly that if someone could touch and wear the clothes, they were converted. After promoting the page at a few shows, 100 likes turned into a few hundred likes from guys who wore Blaklader everyday. Next, True strategically targeted contractors and construction workers with a Facebook ad campaign. Users who clicked the ads were introduced to a community of Blaklader ambassadors who loved talking about the product. The Facebook page was True’s way of introducing die-hard fans to guys who were unsure about ditching their jeans.

70% overall organic growth

The Results

In less than two years, a virtually unknown brand had nearly 2,000 likes on Facebook.  Roughly 70 percent of overall growth was achieved organically by monitoring Facebook Insights for the best mix of content, audience targeting and update times. Paid ads spurred growth occasionally, but overall new organic likes grew and continue to grow by roughly .85 percent per week. And most importantly, new sales continue to climb each quarter – all without the help of traditional paid media.

With this strong foundation in place, the Blaklader Facebook community has grown to over 92,000 followers in 2019.