Communications Strategy

To create long-term value for your target customers, investors and employees, you need a communication strategy that is tied to your core values and business objectives. And, that strategy needs to provide a clear roadmap for you to follow. You need an integrated plan.

Two-day AMMO Planning Session

We use the AMMO™ process — Audiences, Messages, Methods and Objectives — to help clarify your thinking and focus your communication efforts more sharply. We start with who you need to communicate with – publics, stakeholders, constituencies – and what you need them to think, feel or do as a result. Next, what messages will help you attain your objectives for those audiences? Only then do we talk tactics – what methods you’ll use to make your objectives a reality.

Written Strategic Communication Plan

A truly integrated communication strategy that includes paid, earned, shared and owned channels. You’ll have a set of simple rules that your team can follow. Actionable and focused.