Content Marketing

In a world full of advertising, brands must find a way to stand out from the crowd. At True, we believe the best way to do so is through content marketing. From press releases to web content, infographics and social media posts, True will work with you to masterfully create content that reaches and resonates with the right people.

Content Marketing Audit

A content marketing audit begins when we dive into the content that already exists in an organization. Whether it’s the website, collateral pieces or social media, we get an outline of what is already created and a glimpse into audience, messaging and calls-to-action. From there, True will deliver a comprehensive report on the key findings of the audit and recommendations for next steps.

Persona Development and Content Mapping

Through planning sessions and brainstorming sessions, True collaborates with companies to see what main audiences should be targeted and walks through creating a buyer or customer persona. Determining key messages to be used throughout a content marketing plan is vital to success and continuity. After persona development, a content marketing map or plan is developed with a timeline.

Content Development

Whether it’s a press release, contributed article, blog, webinar or presentation, all vehicles for disseminating information should be developed as a set. To ensure a brand’s success, True takes the content marketing plan and determines key messages, supporting information and graphics. After developing the initial topics and messages, we can execute the plan so the right content is shared on the correct channels.