Internal Communication

How well do your employees understand your organization and your industry? Do they know how their daily activities contribute to your growth plan? We’ll help turn your employees into conscious agents of your business strategy. Every employee should identify with the company, contribute to its success and take action to make it happen.

Internal Communication Research

Through formal communication audits, focus groups and interviews, we help capture the voice of your employees to help inform your internal communication strategy and tactics. We help you uncover your internal influencers through our influence mapping process, an output of our research methods.

We help your sales, service and support teams improve their performance, tying their knowledge, attitudes and behaviors to outcome metrics. And we align your internal communication content to your business priorities through internal content analysis, strategic depth interviews and ideation processes.

Internal Communication Support

Small team? No problem. Make our team part of your team, as we bring strategy and planning methods such as the OGSM (Objective, Goal, Strategy, Measure) and AMMO (Audience, Message, Method, Objective) processes. Writing and editing services ensure your content matches your priorities and objectives, and follows your stipulated style. Video, graphics and multimedia production broadens your content mix and aligns content with your audiences. Enterprise social media can transform your organization, but needs a different strategy than other communication methods.  We can execute on all of these support activities and save you the time and effort.