Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can shorten your sales cycles and increase overall conversion rates, but navigating the landscape of inbound and outbound marketing capacities can be difficult. True has experience working with and optimizing workflows to help you get the most out of your leads.

Lead Nurturing

Our team specializes in helping you get the most out of your leads and better qualify prospects as they work through the funnel. We use our experience in the industry, combined with your marketing analytics, to build custom lead scoring models and drive prospects to truly influential materials when they matter most.

Multi-Stage Drip Email Campaign

Continuous engagement is a foundation of marketing automation. Determining the right number of steps and audience segments is key to keeping your brand top of mind. We have experience with extended sales cycles as well as short-term e-commerce re-engagement strategies.


Staying top of mind with your leads is a critical part of the sales process. We utilize remarketing to assist in moving users through the buyer journey. Highly targeted ads can accelerate the sales cycles, especially when leads are less responsive to email or stalling in the middle of the cycle.

Sales Team Training and Integration

Having your sales team trained in marketing automation will help align your marketing efforts and establish a more complete customer journey. We’ll work to train your team on the specifics and explain how marketing automation ties into a fully-integrated marketing plan. We can also utilize sales team feedback to build and optimize lead scores and workflows.