Case Studies

A Digital Strategy for A Clinical Trial

A Northeast Ohio company approached True Digital Communications for help recruiting participants for a clinical trial for a newly-patented pain management technology. Traditional advertising and outreach to medical trade associations had generated minimal interest, and the client was interested in using digital strategies to identify and engage potential participants.

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Introducing A New Product To Homeowners and DIYers

Freedom Outdoor Living reached out to True Digital Communications to introduce Connections, their newest decorative fencing product line, to homeowners and DIYers. Available exclusively at Lowe’s, Connections is easy to install, easy to customize and can be moved and reconfigured as a homeowner’s landscaping needs change. Best of all, it

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Digital Marketing Designed To Induce Trial

Boral TruExterior had a unique opportunity to capitalize on contractors searching for alternatives siding products, but struggled to reach them. With True’s help, tailored ad copy and structured landing pages were created based solely on how contractors search.

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