You have goals for your business and your digital marketing strategy should help you meet those goals. Measurement is the foundation of everything we do at True. Looking beyond simple vanity metrics, True analyzes channel-based and conversion-based data to measure the impact of your marketing efforts.

Early and often: Measurement is more than a postmortem review of a campaign. We review campaign data early and often to make sure programs are preforming against your KPIs.

End-to-end measurement: Meeting goals is important, but so is knowing how you got there. Our measurement process spans the marketing funnel to provide insights on audience analysis, tactical measurements and conversions.

A/B testing: There’s no such thing as perfect, but there is always better. From copy and creative to landing pages and button types, we can test any facet of a campaign to optimize for specified KPIs.

High quality InSite report: No two organizations are the same, so why should your reports look the same? True develops custom, web-based dashboards that show the metrics you care about so you and your team always have access to your analytics.