School Marketing

Digital Communication That Makes the Grade

Demystify communications and learn how to enroll more mission-appropriate and higher-pay families.


Now more than ever, independent schools must improve communication and marketing to attract full-pay students. The True Digital Communications education team works with independent schools to provide new ideas, including content marketing, digital marketing, advertising and social media.

Starting with research, True looks into the current state of your school’s marketing and communication, followed by in-depth integrated planning to help your school find your ideal prospective student through admission marketing and advanced geographic data.

We then work with our clients to guide them to a comprehensive marketing approach, based on solid strategy from current and peer research findings.

School Marketing Case Studies

Integrated Communications Plan for a University


True Digital Communications created an integrated communications plan that supported and built upon a university’s new strategic plan.

Marketing Increases Board School Applications

Granular Targeting Increases Full-Pay Boarding Applications


An independent school, grades 9 through 12 boarding/day school located in a nontraditional market, faced issues with attracting full-pay families. Website content was outdated and there was no current written plan, measurement or connection to admission.

School Marketing Blog Posts

Why Isn’t My Site on the First Page of Google


Join us as we discuss one of the first questions we hear when it comes to search engine optimization. Learn what does  – and what doesn’t – improve your site’s visibility, and which factors you should concentrate on to get the most out of your SEO efforts.