Social Advertising

Social media is a part of our daily lives. Ads are on these channels are expected to relate to our unique interests and needs. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn provide the tools we need to connect with our most relevant customers on these channels. No matter what your goals, social advertising likely has some relevance to your audience.

Content engagement

Whether they currently follow your channels or share a common interest, connecting users to your content is an important element of content marketing. What better place to display content than the places we most often go to find it? Users scrolling through Facebook and Twitter feeds are on the hunt for something interesting, entertaining or educational. With the right targeting, they can find the answer on your website.

Lead generation/Acquisition-focused

The use of interest and behavior targeting allows us to zero in on a highly targeted group for your product or service. Using acquisition-focused KPIs, True can build a campaign focused on identifying and influencing your target audience to take the next step in the customer journey.

Social advertising remarketing

With so much content it’s difficult to make sure users see the information on our websites and other owned channels. Social advertising remarketing gives you the opportunity to display the right content at the right time.

Social channel promotion

All great social channels have to start somewhere. Using your current customers or helping you identify the right target for new customers, we can help you build out channels. More importantly, using social advertising, we can connect you with an audience that keeps coming back for more content.