Brian Thompson

A Wisconsin native, Brian is a digital marketing specialist at True. After returning to school and earning his Bachelor’s degree in Entertainment and Media Business from Madison Media Institute, Brian recently relocated to Northeast Ohio with his wife and newborn son, Matthew.

Previously, Brian worked in audio production and event management, traveling across the world with hotel groups and international cruise line companies between 2009-2013. Returning to school and shifting into digitally-focused marketing, he gained experience in digital content, brand positioning, website development, SEO and SEM. Having worked alongside large international brands and local non-profit organizations, Brian incorporates creative thinking and proven strategic analysis to produce quantifiable results for digital marketing efforts.

When he’s not sorting through digital analytics or web code, Brian spends his time away from the glare of the computer monitors. Often immersed in nature and tending his garden, he is always looking for innovative ways to be self-sustaining, like using recycled rainwater for his plants. You can often find him playing piano and saxophone, or jamming out to an eclectic mix of music at his desk with professional-grade headphones on.

Despite moving to Ohio, Wisconsin cheese will always be Brian’s favorite food.