Pete Jolicoeur

A true midwestern guy at heart, Pete is an account service manager at True. Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, Pete earned a BA in marketing from Cleveland State University and has since made Northeast Ohio home.

Pete served in client-side digital marketing for LeBron James’ business and charitable organizations before shifting into an agency role, managing projects in website design, mobile app development, SEO and SEM. With experience working alongside partners, ranging from those with a global reach to those with a neighborhood impact, Pete’s passion comes from guiding clients through the unknown regions of the digital landscape with a dedicated and transparent approach.

Between 5 pm and 9 am, Pete has a passion for live entertainment and can often be found at concerts, sporting events or live theatre around town. He has performed with local theatre groups and sketch comedy teams, and secretly wants to expand his talents to stage and voice performance. You can typically find him, his wife Kristen, and little baby girl somewhere on the first baseline heckling a ballplayer.

…and since you were wondering, it’s pronounced “Jol-e-koor.”