Display Advertising

Modern display advertising has opened a lot of doors for connecting the right users to your brand. New targeting features combined with media-rich ads make this channel an affordable, yet reliable avenue for effective advertising.

Audience Development

Display advertising is most effective when you have a clear picture of your audience. True uses demographic information layered with psychographics to pinpoint the right users online. Each organization and business challenge is unique; identifying its unique audience is the first step.

Acquisition Optimization

Where should your ads appear? What’s the best strategy for creative? What demographic does our marketing program best reach? These are all questions best answered through a/b testing and optimizations efforts. Methodical testing allows us to continually improve and drive better results month-after-month.

Remarketing Programs

Understanding a user’s journey through the purchase cycle is a crucial part of increasing sales from digital channels. True monitors user behavior to serve tailored ads to users who have viewed specific content but have not converted. More importantly, content and ads can change based on user journeys.

Rich-media Ads

The web is a living, breathing tool. That includes the tools we use to connect users with our content. Rich-media ads can include a host of web tools and introduce users to your unique solutions before they even click. Videos, maps, product details and forms are all options for enhancing creative and standing out on the web.

Mobile Advertising

The mobile landscape creates a new plain of challenges and opportunities for advertisers. True navigates mobile challenges related to user intent, application analysis, ad perception and placement.