Web Experience Planning

Your website is seen as an extension of your company. More than pictures, colors and fonts, the flow of information and the organization of the content speaks volumes about you and your brand. Laying the foundation for a positive, engaging experience is more important than ever before. With more content and more competition, we have to make the most out of every visitor.

Web Experience Planning

The web is constantly growing and changing. Your customers perceive those changes in their own unique way. True’s Web Experience team analyzes audience interaction on the web and optimizes to create an ideal experience. True uses techniques like eye tracking, user flows, surveying and content inventories to optimize for your desired outcome. Your web presence is a valuable asset and we believe it should help you meet your marketing goals.

Digital Audience Identification and Analysis

True utilizes several online and offline audience analysis tools to segment users interested in a topic and understand how they interact with a brand or industry. After compiling research from a host of quantitative and qualitative sources, True delivers a report of key audience groups and behaviors.

Web Analytics and Optimization

Optimization is key to marketing and communications efforts. Ongoing analysis of inbound channels, content and their effects on target audiences are key in facilitating long-term success. True uses a host of third-party analytical tools combined with a/b testing methodologies to continually improve performance.