Case Studies

Introducing A New Product To Homeowners and DIYers

Freedom Outdoor Living reached out to True Digital Communications to introduce Connections, their newest decorative fencing product line, to homeowners and DIYers. Available exclusively at Lowe’s, Connections is easy to install, easy to customize and can be moved and reconfigured as a homeowner’s landscaping needs change. Best of all, it can be installed without digging post holes, which is often the most difficult and labor-intensive step in installing a fence.

drive product sales

The Challenge

To drive sales, Freedom Outdoor Living needed to demonstrate Connections’ ease of installation and flexibility to encourage homeowners to think beyond traditional applications for vinyl fencing. While the client had developed sales materials to demonstrate various configurations that could be achieved with Connections, they had few real-world examples to inspire potential customers.

blogger relations

True's Role

Working with a leader in the sponsored social content industry, True identified a handful of high profile female DIY bloggers who planned, implemented and documented landscaping projects using Connections panels and posts provided by Freedom Outdoor Living. Projects ranged from simple backyard accents to functional garden enclosures and privacy fencing, all highlighting Connections’ unique design and installation aspects. In addition to exposure for the product line during its introductory season, the bloggers also provided original photography that will be utilized in future marketing efforts.

1.5 million online consumers reached

The Results

Bloggers produced 13 original articles, dozens of high quality images and social media mentions that introduced Connections to more than 1.5 million online consumers. Beyond the original posts, comments, questions and shares from blog readers helped keep the product top of mind throughout the spring and summer season.